JiPPO! Street App Reviews

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Super awesome 👏🏼

Addicting 👏

This game is such a good time killer. It's quite easy to play and it doesn't require a lot to skills 😂 you just have to swipe the dice in the correct order. I wish it was easier to win coins since most of the items in the shop are really really expensive but overall the game is great❤️


Seriously voted "best game"??! Sike! It's just a guessing game, if the number you need is either on the "left" side or on the "bottom" of the dice then you have to guess. As soon as you swipe the dice, it immediately falls down, so if u can't see the number and you "guess" it's on the bottom of the dice but it's really on the left side, you automatically lose. I don't really understand how this is fun? I lost 8 games in a row on the FIRST 🎲 because of this annoying flaw in the game. As you can imagine I deleted it immediately. If you like "guessing" and having no control over the game you play then I suppose this game is for you! Lol

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